Goodwill Spreads Locally

Local donations support local programs, people, and causes. As a 100% not-for-profit human services organization, Goodwill NCW uses the revenue from our stores to fund a wide variety of innovative programs and services that serve north central Wisconsin communities. In many cases, we collaborate with community partners, who also bring resources to the cause.

Some of these programs create jobs, offer training, and match assistive technology to those who need it. Other programs address financial, educational, developmental, or diversity issues. All Goodwill programs make our communities better places to live and grow. Increase your Goodwill and spread the good locally by donating or shopping at your community Goodwill stores.

The Goodwill Promise

Our goal is to help those with disabilities and other barriers to employment, and others with individualized needs, maintain their independence and become more fully contributing members of society. By improving lives, we improve communities.

If you donate to Goodwill and buy in our stores, we promise to create programs and services that enrich individual lives and our communities. We invite you to be partners with us in fulfilling our promise.


Goodwill Industries of North Central Wisconsin, Inc. will work to Elevate People and Transform Communities.


Our vision is to create a world where every person finds joy & purpose free from fear, exclusion, want or need.


We put people first… all people

We Dazzle ’em

We Think, We Explore, We Create

We Hug Trees

We Take the High Road

We’re Joyful and Zany

We are Dream Weavers